Thursday, January 12, 2012

Love this age!

So I've thoroughly enjoyed every stage that Tara has gone through, but I'm particularly finding so much joy in this age. She's so independent, and wants to do so much "All by myself!". She's got this little attitude that just makes Sean and I crack up most of the time. The way daddy will tease her and we hear this little voice say "NO daDDY!" Or when you catch her singing a song, and she gets shy and doesn't want you to look at her because it makes her self conscious; so she says "No watching me SING! Look over THERE!" It makes us laugh every time...But mixed in with this newfound independence is this sweet way she has of capturing our hearts by her complete wonder and awe with the world, and all her new discoveries. From seeing stoplights and cars and saying "Ohh...pretty lights! Pretty cars!" to the way she is realizing how loved she is. For example, just this morning she melted my heart. She had run off to play after breakfast, and I called after her and said "I love you so much Tara!" I heard her stop in her tracks and say "Aww..." then as she's running back into the room she had just left she looks at me with her big eyes and throws her arms around my stomach while she says "You love me!" And then she left with the biggest smile on her face, and said "I love you tOO mommy!" What an angel...I'm so in love with this litle blond haired beauty :)