Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"I Cranky"

So I think that Tara is under the impression that the word "cranky" means tired. Not ill-tempered, or cross; just tired. Here's what led me to that belief: We were in her room tonight, about to start the bedtime routine. She was in her jammies, and sitting on Sean's lap. We hadn't even read scriptures yet, or prayed; when she said "Mommy? I wanna go to bed." So as I picked her up to lay her in her bed, she said "I cranky." She then layed her head on my shoulder, and closed her eyes, and snuggled in. She hadn't been cranky at ALL tonight, just sweet, and adorable, and fun to be around. So it made Sean and I laugh when she said that, because she obviously just meant that she was super tired. Because she was so drowsy, we decided to just have family prayer while she was all cozied up in bed. Seconds after the prayer started, she was a goner! What a funny girl...

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