Thursday, April 5, 2012

Anyone out there?

So at first Liam was such an easy baby, and still is for the most part. Yet the last few days he's turned our world upside down...between eating more, screaming more, not happy unless he's held (which I can't always do) it's been a real nail biter these last few days. My prayers often start with "Dear Heavenly Father, I'm sorry I'm praying (while on the toilet/while doing dishes/while doing laundry) ag...ain, but it's my only time to think! And here's what I've been thinking...I don't think I'm as good at this as other moms I know..." We're all trying our best to adapt, using humor all along the way. My favorite quote from today? At one point this evening, after the baby was changed, fed, rocked, kissed, etc. Sean turns to me and says "Just growl at him-establish your dominance." I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. That's why I married him :) I suppose I'm sharing this all because I'm clinging to the belief that I'm not the only one whose swallowed up and lost in the middle of this new baby/sassy independent toddler/barely keeping up with housework (let alone my sanity) stage of life. So I just want to take a quick moment to say "Hello world. Is there anyone else out there?"

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