Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baby's First Vacation

So I forgot to mention the other day that this was Tara's first plane ride; the flight from Portland to Boise. She did fairly well, she was calm and happy the entire time. Then she decided to pull a trick on mommy halfway through the pilot's descent into Boise. I had her on my lap, facing towards me. She was smiling and cooing for us, and all of a sudden she erupted. Spit up was trailing down her onesie-completely normal one might say. She is a baby, and she does spit up; often in fact. But this time, it was a scheme to distract mommy from what she was REALLY doing. All of a sudden, I heard a "pop" and felt a movement around my waist. With her little foot, she had slyly unbuckled me. I looked at her, and she just grinned. Sean and I cracked up, of course; and I handed her to him so I could re buckle my seat belt for the remainder of the landing. She's such a sweet little girl...

On other fronts, vacation's been nice. Sean's family is really into cribbage. Since our arrival in Burley, Sean's played quite a few games with his brother; as well as his mom. However, the score between Sean and Jake still remains 0-0. Same with his mom, 0-0. That's because in this family, when they get close to losing; instead of watching their fate play out, they simply flip the board...First game of cribbage with his brother on Saturday night Sean was gaining on him, and all of a sudden Jake overturns the entire cribbage board. Sean starts laughing hysterically of course, as well as the rest of us. The same scenario tonight, except this time with his mom. It's hilarious...Sean's been know to do the same on occasion; it must be a family thing :)

So we're kinda sad that our vacation's almost over, not really looking forward to returning to the normal routine; ya know? However, we know that we'll be returning again in two months for Christmas. It makes leaving a little easier, knowing we'll be coming back so soon. Anyway, I'd better be off to bed. We want to get to Boise a little early tomorrow so we have time before our flight to hang out with Kayla and Rylee at their place for a while. See you guys soon~

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