Sunday, October 18, 2009

Low expectations...

SO this is our first post-yay!!! We have some friends who have been urging us for ages now to get a blogspot, so this is it guys :) It's true, myspace is dead. I'm brand new to this, so I'm still figuring it all out...So I beg of you, have low expectations of my blogging abilities while I set this all up; I'm not going to be on here every day, sometimes not even every week; but I will vow to do my best to never let a year go by without letting everyone know how we're doing. Are you ready for your first update?

We are in Idaho right now-Burley, to be exact. We flew in yesterday to visit Sean's side of the family. His sister met us at the Boise airport, and we drove the two hours to his parents house in southern Idaho. Sean's mom, his brother Jake, his sister Kayla and her daughter Rylee had come to Eugene for the birth of Tara. Our daughter however, decided to be a week late; and Jake and Kayla had to get back to Boise for school and work. Sean's mom stayed in Eugene with Rylee, and they ended up being there for the delivery; and then flew out the next day. So my mother in law, and our 1 1/2 year old niece haven't seen our baby since she was a day old; and Sean's dad, brother, and sister hadn't met her at all. So this was a great opportunity for them all to see her.

I can't believe she just turned three months old. It sounds so cliche, but I swear it seems like she was born just the other day. Then at other times she seems like such an old soul, like we've known her forever...But she's been such a blessing. Words honestly can't express how much we love this little girl, we couldn't have imagined how sweet an experience it would be. She's so advanced, and so strong; physically, mentally, and emotionally. In her three short months on this earth, she's shown to have more patience in her tiny little finger; than I have in my entire body. How is that? She's inquisitive, charming, sweet, loving, and unbelievably entertaining. We love her to death, and can't wait to see who she becomes. I know that there are some of you on here who haven't even seen her newborn photos yet, so I wanted to put just a few on so you could see them; and hopefully soon I'll be able to show you how much this little girl has grown...

So my apologies, but I must be off to bed. It's late, and I think my migraine is returning. Yay for me...Hopefully I can wish this one away?

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