Sunday, March 28, 2010

March (Our month in photos)

She's totally smiling underneath her binky there :)

So we keep finding Tara sitting in this EXACT position! Awake or falling asleep, she'll purposefully position herself like this-all the time :) It's way cute...

I can't ever get enough of this look on her face-it's so cute!

We all had a picnic at the park with my mom-it was a gorgeous day :)

Our little golf enthusiast

Some more random adorable photos we took...

Our little girl is so lovey...

I love LOVE when she smiles like this-so blissful! She does this whenever she smells me :)

A saturday trip to Alton Baker as a family-we went for a really long walk, and just enjoyed the beautiful weather :)

Hangin out at home, watching a little tv before bed-she's so funny!

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