Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

So a couple of weeks before christmas, Sean and Tara flew to Idaho to see his side of the family. They had an early christmas, and it was nice for the girls to be able to share that together. I was sad not to be able to go, but they had a great time. Unfortunately, we only have one photo from that trip; and it's of Tara with her cousin Rylee. They're in the matching christmas dresses that Sean's mom bought for them. SO adorable!

Once they returned, we spent christmas morning at my moms. Here are a few select photos, including ones of my little brother proposing to his then girlfriend (now fiance) Cheyenne. It brought tears to our eyes!

Tara with her uncle Josh :)

Tara with the Elmo airplane from mommy and daddy. She loves that thing...

There's grandma Laurie, Aunt Cheyenne, and Tara :)

And there's my little brother in action!

The newly engaged couple!

Later on that day, our friend Rachel got baptized. What an amazing way to spend christmas day...

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