Thursday, November 25, 2010


So as all of you know, Eugene woke up to some snow on tuesday morning. Before Sean even left for work, we were enjoying the beautiful view from our back patio. Seeing the church building covered in snow was extraordinary... It was exciting for me, because I knew how much Tara would love it. The last (and only) time she saw snow was when she was 5 months old, and we spent christmas in Idaho with Sean's family. She was too young to remember, so I began planning a snow day for her. As soon as Tara woke up, I took her to a window to show her the snow. She actually said "wow" when she saw it! She couldn't get enough of it, and kept wanting to look out the window the rest of the day. I left her bedroom door open the rest of the day, because she kept running into her room, climbing up on her chair near the window, and just staring outside :) It was the cutest thing ever! She'd come out momentarily, just to run back into her room. I was dying to take her out in it, but I was busy making and frosting some brownies that I was going to be running over to both Brittany, and Heidi's homes. They both live just around the corner, and I was going to make it a quick trip. So once I was done making the brownies, I bundled Tara up; and we headed out. All morning long, I had been trying to teach her what the white stuff coming from the sky was called. I kept saying the word snow, and she must have caught on quicker than I realized! As we were heading down towards Brittany's, Tara kept pointing at the snow-covered cars and bushes, and saying "Snow!" Given, half the time it came out sounding like "Shnow". It was still adorable. She would get SO excited about it, and kept pointing to whatever was covered in it and exclaim "snow!!!" every time...Cute girl :) What a wonderful experience for her to have, and I'm looking forward to when we have maybe a few more inches for her to play in...Can anyone say snow angel?


  1. YES I text you a picture of it on monday but for some reason it still hasnt gone through and i havent had time to trouble shoot it yet! :)

  2. I found your blog! Tara is such a cute little girl. I hope she did well in nursery. It took Josh about 6 months for us not to have to be in there with him and almost a year later he still cries when we drop him off.