Thursday, November 25, 2010

Baby In The Oven

Nope, it's not what you think-I'm not pregnant. What I'm referring to is the fact that Tara thinks that there's a baby that lives in our oven...Let me explain:

Starting about a month or so ago, we noticed she would walk up to the glass window of the oven, and start jabbering away. She'd tell her little stories like she does, and then start laughing really hard. She acted as if she was telling the story to mommy or daddy! Then we noticed she would start making these little faces at "the baby in the oven", and then bust up laughing because the baby was copying her :) Then she would start trying to share her binky with the baby, which I thought was sweet. She's always tried to share her binky with her friends, and people she loves. So I thought it was adorable when I'd see her little outstretched hand, offering the binky to this very entertaining baby :)

What a goof...

Oh, another cute little thing I wanted to add-now whenever we go somewhere, whether it's an action packed trip to Wal Mart, or just a stroll down the street; upon returning home, she zooms straight over to the oven to tell her friend (in the oven) all about it! It's the first place she goes, and Sean and I will stand and watch her while she tells her little stories, narrating the day, complete with hand gestures and everything! I love that little girl...

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