Sunday, May 29, 2011

Do I know her, or what?

So yesterday morning as I was showering, and getting ready for the day; Sean and Tara were hanging out together. When I stepped out of the bathroom, I passed by Tara's room, and heard her playing with her blinds (which she knows is a "no no." I located Sean, not far away, and he was examining a piece of mail from the previous day. I smiled, and asked him if he knew what our daughter was up to, and he said "She's just playing in her room." I told him that her door was shut, and that she was playing with her blinds, and that he might want to check on her. He insisted she wasn't playing with her blinds, and that he would hear it if she was. I told him "Our little girl is indeed playing with her blinds. That's why her door is shut, so you wouldn't see. She has a good sense of what's okay to play with, and what's off limits. Guaranteed, she'll come running out of her bedroom any moment now, to TELL you that she was playing with her blinds. Trust me on this one!" Just as I said that, right on cue-Tara comes running out of her bedroom, and barrels right into my legs. She looks up and says "I was playing with my blinds." Sean and I busted up laughing, and there was no need to say "See?" It was too funny...That girl cracks me up!

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