Thursday, June 9, 2011

I have a little girl...

Yeah, so I discovered something this morning: I have a little girl. Up until now, I owned a toddler :) lol Today, however: I have a grown up, independent, smart little girl. Well, maybe not ALL the way grown up...But she sure surprises me some days!

She's been potty training for some months now, and she alerts us when she has to go #1, and holds it in until she's on the actual potty (SO proud of her). She went #2 in the potty for the first time night before last, well before we thought she'd be ready for that.

This morning, upon waking up: she told me she had to go "Poo-Poo". She usually says that AFTER she goes poo-poo in her diaper. But today she wanted to go in the potty-and she did. After she was done, she said "shower?" "shower?" So she took a shower, all by herself! She needed help of course, washing: but usually she takes a bath, or showers with me. This is the second time though that she's mentioned wanting to stand in there all by herself. And she did a great job! Fast forward to once she'd dried off, and in her high chair eating cheerios (about 10 minutes later). She's sitting there, and this conversation takes place:

Tara: "Mommy?"

Me: "Yes, honey?"

Tara: "I took a shower!"

Me: "Yes! You sure did! You're such a big girl!"

Tara: "I did good!"

Me: After laughing "Yes, you did baby! Mommy's so proud of you..."

[After spilling a couple of cheerios onto her tray while taking a bite]

Tara: "Uh oh! I did a mess!"

Me: "It's okay-we'll clean it up when you're done."

Tara: "Yeah, it's okay."

[She takes another bite of cheerios.]

Tara: "Mmm, it's yummy!"


When did this girl grow up?