Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What's in her tummy?

So since Liam was born, Tara has asked almost every day to see my scar from the C-Section. She first started asking about it in the hospital, because Sean had to explain to her about "Mommy's owie", and why she couldn't press on my stomach. So almost every day, she wants to see "mommy's owie". She's been very into pretending that she has a scar too, and that's where the doctor took out HER baby :) However, this morning proved to be a much more interesting, and funny conversation. She asked to see my scar, so I showed it to her. She then pulls up her shirt, and shows me "her scar". I asked her what happened, and she said "The doctor made it." I asked her why, and she said "It's in there." Normally when I ask "What's in there?" She'll say her baby is in there. But today when I asked what's in there, she thought for a moment, and then replied "Um...crackers."

What a girl...

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