Thursday, September 9, 2010

Coast Trip Pictures...

So this last Saturday, we took a trip to Newport with my in-laws and had a blast. Sean's mom and brother had driven in Friday night from Idaho, and stayed until Monday morning. It wasn't long enough, but we had a great time with them. I wanted to get some of my favorite photos from the trip on here for you all to enjoy, so here they are!

After stopping at Nye beach, we stopped at a couple more spots along the coastline, and all in all just had a great time. On the way back to Eugene, we discovered that there is yet another food that Tara loved, that surprised us all. The boys (Sean and his brother Jake) had bought a bag of Lay's Jalapeno Potato Chips, and Tara ate most of them! This girl has never let anything spicy intimidate her :) Daddy's little girl in more ways than one! We had a great time though, and it was so nice to see Jake and Becky again. Wonderful weekend!

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