Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chasing Mommy

So Sean and I have been playing this game with Tara for these last few months where we start growling and chasing after her. She absolutely LOVES this game! She'll come up to us if we're busy doing something, and place her hands on our legs and make a growling sound and then run away. So we'll start growling, and then drop to our hands and knees, and begin chasing her around the room; and eventually into a corner where she'll start giggling so hard she's holding her stomach :) Today for the first time though, once I cornered her; she started coming after me! She growled her tiny little baby growl, and started toddling after I ran to a corner, and acted scared. Once she got to me, I acted terrified that she was going to "eat" me. She just stood there, and started laughing uncontrollably. Then she got so proud of herself for scaring mommy back that she actually jumped up and down, and shivered with delight! She was SO happy...I love that girl!

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