Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"All done. Let's eat!"

So today, I took a nap when Tara did; because I was too exhausted to function. This whole growing a baby thing was getting the better of me...So she ended up napping for a good 2 and 1/2 hours, which meant-so did it :) When she woke up, she came into our room, and said she was ready for lunch. I told her that I'd get her lunch if she put her books back on the bookshelf. Before her nap, she had taken about every book she owned and strewn them all over the floor in the livingroom and hallway. So when I told her she had to put them back on the bookshelf before lunch, she got upset. She knows the rules though, that we clean up before any mealtime, and she knew she wouldn't get lunch until they were put away. So after whining for a couple minutes, she got to work. I ended up slipping back to sleep for a period of 3 minutes, after which she comes in to tell me she was done. You can see the bookshelf in the hallway from our open bedroom door, and I still saw books strewn all over the floor in the hallway. I told her she needed to put ALL the books away before I made lunch. She whined a bit more, then got to work. I looked at the clock, and fell back asleep for another 4 minutes. I woke up to her saying "All done-let's eat!" I got up and inspected the hallway and livingroom, and all the books were put away on the bookshelf this time. I was so proud of her! I thought it was so cute the way she said "All done-let's eat!" What a big girl...

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