Friday, September 30, 2011


So for months and months now, we've been working on Tara learning her alphabet, numbers, shapes, etc. She's got it down pretty well for the most part. A lot of her favorite activities include counting EVERYthing in sight, telling us what color everything is, and what shape they are. It's so fun :) For her 2nd birthday, we even bought her the Vtech Alphabet Apple, and it's one of her favorite toys. It's helped her learn the alphabet at an even faster rate. I just thought we had a ways to go until the point when she could stand there and recite the entire alphabet.

Yesterday-she (once again) took me by surprise. Sean was due home from work any moment, and Tara was playing with her toys in the livingroom. All of a sudden, I look up at her because I hear her saying "L, M, N, O, P..." I think I may have stopped breathing for a moment or two while she said that! She continued "Q, R, S, T..." At this point I screamed in delight-so excited that I was hearing this :) She had this humongous grin on her face as she went on "U, W, X, Y, and Z! I did it!!! Where's my apple?!?" I started clapping, and telling her how proud I was of her. It was so cute! I thought is was hilarious how when she was done she immediately wanted her Alphabet Apple...hehe. I was SO proud of her! I also thought it was adorable how she skipped "V", and the first part of the alphabet-but we'll get there.

My baby's learning so much!

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  1. why is that? Juliet prefers the end of the alphabet too! she just recently got the whole thing but she is especially zealous when she gets to the "q r s t u v......" I thought it was just her thing :)