Friday, September 9, 2011

Blackberries Anyone?

So over the last few weeks, we've gathered a good amount of fresh blackberries off some local bushes; and it's been worth all the scratches you get! We once again joined up with Rachel and her kidlettes, and had a blast spending time together picking blackberries. Tara (understandably) didn't enjoy picking blackberries as much as picking blueberries; but can you blame the girl? I myself got beat up pretty good by my fair share of thorny branches slamming into my legs, arms, face. Fun stuff...But when you leave with a 10 quart bucket filled to the brim? I started smelling the blackberry cobbler before we even left the field! Although-Tara and Olivia were so darling as they sat together by our feet, just waiting for us moms to either say we were finished picking and could go home, or to dump another handful of berries into their hot little hands for the eating. I couldn't get over how cute it was to see Tara's little face and hands COVERED in blackberry juice, huge smile on her face, asking me "Mommy! More berries?" The memories will last forever...So we've made blackberry syrup, blackberry cobbler, had blackberries with vanilla yogurt for breakfasts, and eaten handful after juicy handful of berries freshly picked. We're hoping to go back for a third trip soon, before the season's over. Next up-strawberry season!

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