Monday, September 26, 2011

Such a sweet surprise!

So on sunday mornings I'm usually the first one up. I grab breakfast, shower, and then get the rest of the family going. Yesterday when I walked into the bathroom, I came upon such a SWEET surprise...

The day before, amongst our saturday activities; we made a stop at the store to pick up some items we needed. Tara was asleep in the carseat, so I stayed in the car with her while Sean ran into the store. When he came back, he was showing me how amongst everything, he came across a couple of items he couldn't resist getting for Tara. One was a little toy pony, that he thought she'd love; since she adores her My Little Pony collection. Another was this little mini Disney chalkboard, and chalk. He thought she'd have a blast drawing on it, and maybe practicing her alphabet. Sunday morning though-I discovered that Sean had written a sweet note on it for me the night before, for me to find in the morning. What a guy...It just warmed my heart :)

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