Friday, October 8, 2010

Beautiful Morning

So today has been wonderful so far...I trimmed my hair again (it was more than a few weeks overdue for a touch up) and gave my locks an oh-so-thirst-quenching hair treatment with a deep conditioner. Then I took an extra long hot shower...because the baby was still sound asleep. Then I actually had time to read scriptures for a little while this morning, which was nice because Tara's usually up and ready for the day before I can even get a shower. Besides, I've always enjoyed reading my scriptures in the morning; it just sets a nice tone for the day. Anyway, Tara woke up; and is now playing with her breakfast and serenading me. She's been chatting it up, and "singing" different songs to mommy. She's currently sitting next to me on the couch, and she keeps emptying her dry cereal onto the couch in between her legs, and putting them back into the bowl one by one. Every so often she'll eat one, then drink some milk from her sippy; but she's mostly just singing and telling stories right now :)

I love mornings like these...

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