Monday, October 18, 2010

Good times at Detering Orchards...

Over the weekend we took a trip out to Harrisburg to visit Detering Orchards.

Growing up, my mom took my brothers and I every year to get a pumpkin, sample their fresh squeezed apple cider, perch on their GIANT pumpkin for a photo op, and maybe take a hayride. All growing up, I looked forward to the day I could take my own children out to the orchard to share in all those experiences. So on saturday, we joined up with my mom, my brother Josh, and his oh so wonderful girlfriend Cheyenne; and we headed out to the farm. When we first arrived, we grabbed a little wagon to set our pumpkins and fresh produce on, and Tara thought it was a great time!

After that, we went off to see all of their pumpkins...and they had a lot of them!

After looking at all the awesome pumpkins, we went off to get some of Detering's fresh apple pie and ice cream. Tara loved it so much, and was sad when it was all gone...If you look closely, you can see that last of it there on her little face!

Right above us, in the trees above the area where we had our apple pie were some paper ghosts hanging from the branches. Tara discovered them, and couldn't take her eyes off of them :)

After pie and ice cream, we had to go off in search of the main reason you go to Detering>their amazing, fresh pressed apple cider! Mmmm!!! Tara had her first taste, and was hooked; just like mommy and grandma had been for years :)

I think daddy loved it too...hehe We bought some to take home, and daddy is looking forward to heating some up one of these evenings!

After that, we decided to go stand in line for the hayride. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any good pictures of Tara on the actual hayride; except for one.

We sat in the back, facing the path through the orchard that we were tracing. It's such a beautiful orchard!

After the hayride, we went to pick out a small pumpkin for Tara; all children get a free pumpkin! Tara was so excited to hold it herself, she couldn't wait :)

Not long after picking out a pumpkin, we went off in search of some fresh produce. They have the most beautiful displays of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, jams, snacks, etc. And a whole lot of gourds! And everything's farm fresh! Everything from apples and peaches, to giant watermelons and squashes; along with filberts, blueberries, pears, tomatoes, peppers and many others. You can buy them two ways; they have already harvested produce, or you can go pick things yourself. We love all the home-made jams, preserves, salsa and apple cider. They also have locally produced nuts, honey, corn, melons and other items for sale at their produce stand.

As a child, I remember being most interested in their local honey, and the apple cider. This time around though, we got a little bit of everything. Amongst our purchases were peppers, watermelon, tomatoes, filberts, beets, peaches, asian pears, and a whole lot of farm fresh apples. They have over 36 varieties! We picked a varied assortment. And fresh apple cider of course...

On our way back to our car, we had to stop real quick and take some silly photos with their giant pumpkin displays~lot's of silly fun!

So all in all, it was a wonderful weekend!

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  1. cute! glad you had fun. I love the pic of Tara on the bin of pumpkins with a huge grin