Friday, October 29, 2010

"Good Girl"

So we live up on the second floor of our apartment building, and whenever we help Tara walk down the stairs, she'll grab our hand and hop down to the next step with both feet! It's cute, and we always figured that eventually she'd get the hang of it. Well earlier this week Tara and I were heading out to go for a walk, and instead of hopping with both feet to the next step, she actually took real steps down this time! She very gingerly reached out for my hand with one of hers, and carefully held onto the railing with her other hand (she's always been good about holding the railing). She took great care in making sure she took each step one at a time, and she was doing so great! As if that wasn't exciting enough, she was doing something that had me laughing the ENTIRE way down the stairs. With each step she took, I heard her little voice telling herself "Good Girl!!!" It was SO precious! I love that girl...

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