Tuesday, August 30, 2011

As a matter of fact...

So Tara is always surprising me with the things she says, and the words and concepts she picks up on. Earlier this evening she was playing with Emily (her favorite baby doll) and also drinking her cup of apple juice. At one point, she decided to pour some of the apple juice on Emily. It's one of those dolls where the head, arms, and legs are made of plastic, but the torso is a cloth outfit. She got it all over the fabric, and I knew I'd have to wash it. So I scooped up Emily, and Tara got upset that I was taking her baby away from her. I told her that I had to wash Emily, and get all the apple juice out, so she could play with her again. Tara just stared at me for a moment with this blank look on her face. Then she said so matter-of factly "Just wipe it." I laughed SO hard when she said that!!! The fact that just taking a baby wipe to her would do the trick...her rationale is so cute sometimes ;)

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