Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lane County Fair!

So since we got married, Sean and I haven't been able to go to the fair each year. This year we finally made it, and it was Tara's first fair experience. She loved it! We went with Rachel, Olivia, and Mason-and we all had a blast. We looked at some of the exhibits, we looked at the animals, the kids all went on a few rides; and we ate yummy fair food. I was a little bummed, because I've always gone for the rides & the food. I've never been one for the exhibits, seen the animals already, let's hit the rides! I couldn't go on even one, because "No expectant mothers allowed." Bummer? Kind of-but I'm getting a really cute baby out of the deal :) So next year...Plus this year was so special because when the whole experience is centered around your child, and making sure they have a special experience-it's a whole other world at the fair. When you look at every sight, sound, and smell through a toddlers eyes-it's like seeing everything for the first time. So taking her was such a special experience, and I got a bit teary with her first fair ride ever. And the second, and the was all so new! And fun. Okay, enough blabbering-bring on the photos, right? Okay:

I absolutely LOVE the look on her face!!!

They had these areas set aside for the little kids to play in, and one of Tara's favorites was where the whole area was set on a floor completely made up of corn kernels. Tara loved scooping them into the bucket, and pouring them back out. She did this over and over for minutes on end, huge smile each time :)

She got to see a real live rooster crow! So far they've only been in books. How exciting!

First they went on the boat ride. They had a great time, and the joy on Tara's face was unmistakable! She couldn't contain her excitement!!!

"Mom, Dad! This is so fun!!!"

For heaven's sake-would you look at that expression? Priceless!

Next they went on a car ride-and they were in control of it this time ;)

Tara and Mason

Look at that grin on her face!

Next they went on the New York Fire Brigade. How fun! She loved it-and she never got scared!

Look at that! I was nervous for her-unnecessarily it turns out :)

Daddy greeting her at the end of the ride :)

She got to eat cotton candy for the first time!

Later that night, once we got home-she crashed hard once she actually crawled in bed! She was hyped up for a while afterwards though, and was telling us all about what she saw and did, even once we got home :) It was so cute...

So it was a great experience-can't wait till next year!

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