Friday, August 19, 2011

Blueberry Season!

So I love summer for so many reasons, and one of the main ones being the fact that so many yummy berries become available for the picking-and there's nothing like eating a handful of freshly picked blueberries. Tara and I have spent the last two days at Adkins farm, picking blueberries. Lots of loooong hours in the hot sun, plenty of branches in our hair, dirt on our clothes-and so worth it! It's a special high, being on your hands and knees, crawling underneath a bush and discovering a TON of big fresh fun :) And it was a blast because we went with my good friend Rachel, and her little ones. We had so much fun, Rachel at one end of a row of blueberry bushes, me on the other end, and the kids darting from me to Rachel and back; and then winding in and out of the rows, cutting through bushes, eating tons of handfuls of berries, smiles on their faces...That's the life :) And of course, at times the sun would be a little too much, and the kids would be kids... "She took my toy" "he took my book" "I hafta go potty NOW", but overall we had an amazing time. And Tara's become quite the blueberry picking pro! She was so cute, just listening to her this afternoon as she was helping me fill the bucket. "Just blue ones" and she'd drop a couple in the bucket. "Oh, nope-that one's green, nope." And watching the kids feed each other blueberries-so precious! This morning~

Tara (as she popped a blueberry in Mason's mouth):"Here you go!"

Mason: "Thank you."

Tara: "You're welcome."

Tara: "Mommy-let's go pick more!"

Between yesterday afternoon, and going back today-Tara and I picked about 5 lbs worth of blueberries! And the amazing part-were the prices. Yesterday, it was $1.00 per pound. Today, it was FREE BLUEBERRIES ALL DAY! Amazing.

Sorry I don't have any photos yet-hopefully I'll be able to get them posted soon :)

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