Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Saturday Fun

So Tara loves trains. She calls fire trucks "train!" A few weeks ago we had a chance to spend some time at a local fire station. I thought it was a great opportunity for her to see how things go when they get a call, and start up the trucks and leave. She heard the message come through, she heard the alarm, and she got to see two fire trucks peel out of the station. As they left-she was saying "Bye Train!!!" So...needless to say, I wanted to take her to the train station to see what a real live train looks like! So this last saturday, we took her down to see a train. She loved it! And mommy loved it too...[Ever since I was little, up until now; I get a thrill from seeing a train!] lol So it was fun for all :) Here are some photos~

Waiting for the train to arrive...

We were all captivated by the train as it pulled into the station :)

The train station is also a special place for Sean and I, because it's where we met in person for the first time. He and I had met online, an LDS website; and a few months after meeting online, he hopped a train to Eugene to meet me in person. So we have very special memories of that first hug, first kiss, first time we got to hold hands, look in each others eyes...Kinda sappy when we go back to the train station. So we got to explain to Tara why it's such a special place to us :)

After we took her to see the trains, we had lunch; and headed off for a local park to play. We were trying to teach her how to roll down a hill, but she never took to it. She preferred to run at breakneck speed right into daddy's arms! It was such beautiful weather, we couldn't have asked for better. Here are some photos from playing on the hill~

See her pigtails flying behind her? She was bolting down that hill as I took the photo!


There go those pigtails again!

"I'm having SO MUCH FUN guys!"

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  1. I love these fun pictures! What a fun family activity. :)