Sunday, July 17, 2011

"I swear..."

So this morning as we're all about to head out the door to church, I walk towards the bathroom to put on some lotion, and some earrings. I see Tara standing there, and she said "I want to go!". I responded by saying "I know you want to go honey, and we're GOING to go in just a moment here. Mommy needs to grab something first, and then we'll get going-okay?" I headed into the bathroom, and shut the door. I immediately hear Sean cracking up over something. I came out, and he said that after the exchange that Tara and I had, and after I shut the door, apparently Tara was wanting to go to church so bad that when I told her "just a moment" she had a look of utter frustration on her face, and said "I swear."

I couldn't believe it! What a gal...

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