Monday, July 11, 2011

Idaho Trip-Part 1: The Reunion

So our most recent trip to Idaho was an eventful one, to say the least. There were lots of fun things planned, lots of time in the sun, tons of playing in the water; and too many fun pictures to count. I'll give you the highlights...

To begin-the day before we left for Idaho, I found out we are going to have another baby. So we were on cloud nine to start :) We had flown out on June 30th, and stayed the night in Boise with Sean's sister. His family was so excited, and Tara's cousin Rylee was already suggesting that if it's a girl, we name her Lily! She's so cute...

Then on July 1st, we had an early birthday surprise for Sean. His birthday is in November, so you can tell how surprised he was to receive his surprise months early. Since we were dating, I've heard so many stories about his college days, and how much he misses all his buddies. So when I found out that the majority of them would be in Boise this summer, with the exception of a couple of them; I figured I'd gather them all together in a local park in Boise to surprise Sean. The couple that wouldn't be in Boise already, said it wouldn't be a problem to purchase tickets for the event. (Thanks again Mike and Laurel!) All his friends and family were in on it, and Sean was clueless as to what was coming. I had spent a few months planning, and gathering everyone from New York, Reno, D.C., Nampa, Boise, etc. to be there for Sean. So when we arrived at Julia-Davis Park on Friday, he spotted all his friends and was completely bowled over. And though admittedly he regretted not having more than a few hours to visit with them all, he was so glad I had gone to the trouble. So that was fun to see :)

How Sean and Laurel spent much of their time in college...haha

When no one was looking, Tara snatched Evan's soda-she had her second sip of soda that day, before we took it away :)

She loves her Uncle Jake...

I love how Tara and her cousin Rylee are smiling as they go through photos together-ones that Rylee took :)

Hilary and Jesse's little girl Olivia, is so adorable! Her and Tara became fast friends...They played together almost the whole time.

The whole crew: Sean and all his college buddies, including the newest generation :)

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