Saturday, July 16, 2011

Little Miss Turned 2!!!!

On July 15th, our little girl turned 2 years old!!! We had a birthday party for her, and she had a blast :) And I'm pretty proud of myself-I planned and executed a 2 year old birthday party, while battling morning sickness the whole time. It all came together beautifully though, and she had so much fun. Another point for mom? I baked 2 boxes worth of cupcakes, and a cake-and I never ate a single bite. Yay for me!!! Not that I don't like cake, but I just am really picky about where I get my sugar from, and white cake mix with vanilla frosting is not one of my faves. I had a blast making them though, especially the cupcakes. I wanted a rainbow theme for her party, since the girl LOVES rainbows. So I found a fun recipe for "Colorburst Cupcakes" from a favorite foodie website of mine. It was a blast to make, and a bit involved-but so worth it. Here are some photos I took:

I had to divide the cake batter and dye each portion, then layer a couple tablespoons of each color into each individual cupcake liner. It was time consuming, but a TON of fun. I felt like a kid getting to play with her food :)

Great presentation, if I don't say so

And here are some photos from the party :)

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Tara. The wind blew out the candles for her :(

Trying to ride her new tricycle, while holding her cupcake. Which after all my hard work, she ended up having no interest in. She carried it around, but I never saw her take a bite! lol She's picky about sweets just like her mom...

A couple days after her birthday, my mom came by with a huge bunch of balloons for her. She took those balloons with her all over the house, everywhere she went; the balloons went too. So easy to please...

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