Monday, July 11, 2011

Idaho Trip-Part 2: Yellowstone (Day 1)

So after the reunion on friday, we drove to Burley, where Sean's parents live. We got in late, and had to leave early the next morning, to head to Yellowstone. On the trip up, we weren't an hour into the drive, and I started to have severe pelvic pain, and I got hot, dizzy, and naseous. I was also scared, and we didn't know what was going on. The pelvic pain was so bad, that I couldn't sit still in the car. Sean pulled over at the next rest stop, and wanted me to walk with him for a bit. I could barely move, but he managed to get me to a secluded area, and gave me a blessing. Sean's dad was waiting in the car with Tara, while we did this. Sean had a feeling that everything was okay, and that it was partially a blood sugar thing. Especially when I was visibly shaking. I got to a point where it was all too much...the nausea, the pelvic pain, the dizziness-the constant feeling that I was going to pass out. I remember standing in the building at the rest stop, thinking that I did not want to be conscious for even one more second: I felt I just couldn't handle it anymore. Sean was smart enough to force me to eat a few grapes that we had in the car, and between that, and the air conditioner blasting, I began to feel better as we drove on. However-although the sypmtoms had subsided for the most part, I still had some pelvic pressure that didn't feel right, and it lasted the rest of the day. Even once we arrived at our lodge at Yellowstone, and after an afternoon of seeing certain parts of Montana, and some beautiful sights-I didn't feel quite right. So later that evening, after trying to rest for a bit; Sean asked me to call my doctor, just to see what the source of it all was. I spoke to the doctor filling in for mine, and after describing everything that had happened that day, and answering a bunch of her questions, she said I need to get to the nearest ER, and quickly. She was concerned about it being an ectopic pregnancy, and didn't want to chance it. I tried to stay calm, and asked her what the odds are it was something else. She said with what I described, and the fact that I was only 6 weeks pregnant-the odds were high enough, and she didn't want to risk it. So after I hung up with the doctor, I fell apart. I managed to explain to Sean what she had said, and he and my mother in law rushed me to Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg. It was the closest hospital, and took just over half an hour to get to. After a long wait, the ER doctor who was also an OB/GYN came in. He explained that they couldn't do any testing, because I wasn't far enough along; and that we pretty much had to wait it out. He said that if I miscarry, it wouldn't be through any fault of my own. He said that all we could do was wait. One comforting thing he said though is that he didn't think it was an ectopic, because of the location of the pain. The baby had just implanted low, and he said that with an ectopic, I'd feel sharp pain on the left or right side, or both. After explaining some more things in detail, he wrote a doctors note to take it easy, and rest often. So we headed back to the lodge, and went to bed.

The next day, we saw plenty of beautiful sights, and so many amazing things at Yellowstone. We didn't see as many animals as we thought, because it was the 4th of July weekend, and it was overcrowded with people. But we had fun, and got to see Old Faithful, and awesome things like that.

This photo was hanging on the wall in the front of the lodge, as you walk in. I thought it was so fascinating, having a piece of history on the wall.

Tara dancing on the windowsill in our room at the lodge!

The water is SO CLEAR!!!

Eating ice cream in Montana....

I thought this t-shirt was hilarious, until a few days after we left; some guy was killed by a bear outside Canyon Village. Now I think it's in poor taste...

This is what we found in our bed at the end of the day-so darling...

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  1. That is so scary! Hopefully things are going better now. We are so lucky to have the priesthood at times like that. It helps you feel safer and more relaxed when something like this happens. I hope you are feeling better and things work out.